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Among the lights

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Formed in 2011, Bello Spark brings an intensely emotional, open-hearted and approachable rock sound to its audiences. Founders Rob Jordan(vocals/guitar), and Tory Peterson(lead guitar/vocals), both experienced musicians, came together through a mutual respect of the other’s music. This deep love and understanding of the music they played led to their award winning debut album.

The two person group began touring constantly across the Midwest and out to the Great Plains, all the while honing their craft. Upon returning to their home state of Michigan, the two joined forces with vocal powerhouse/songwriter Cole Hansen and Jay Kolk on drums.. The resulting sound has been a visceral mix of atmospheric guitar, three-part vocal harmonies, and lyrics that are both uplifting and poignant. Listeners will find the light rock, urban sound laced with the honesty of folk, and the grit and emotion of the blues.

The band released their sophomore album, "Among the Lights" in July of 2016 and has been playing shows throughout the Midwest sharing their matured sound with audiences of all ages. In the spring of 2018 they plan to begin work on a new album due out later in the year. 




Tory Peterson (EG)  -  Rob Jordan (G+V)  -  Cole Hansen (G+V)  -  Jay Kolk (D) 




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